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主持:京晶 外籍嘉宾:Judy 美文朗读 (Nick | Canada) 一小时故事 The Story of an Hour 凯特肖邦(1894年著) Introduction 凯特·肖邦,美国女性主义作家。 自1889年至1902年间,撰写供成人和孩童阅读的短篇小说, 刊载于《大西洋月刊》、《时髦》、《世纪》 和《哈伯青年手册》等杂志。主要作品为《河口人们》 (1894年)和《阿卡迪亚之夜》(1897年)两部短篇小说集。 重要的短篇小说包含《黛泽蕾的婴孩》, 其内容为南北战争前路州境内异族通婚的故事。 另有《一小时的故事》和《暴风》。 The short Story The one Hour of Story (The Story of an hour-by-hour), adopted The fantasy theme of her husband died. In this novel, a young woman learned that her husband died in a railway accident. She wept returned to the room. Slowly, she began to realize their soul changes: "she whispered," free, free, free! '... she know in spent a long time after the pain, she will complete her own." Then, without warning, she did not take the train's husband, open the door came in. When she saw him, her heart stops beating. Around her everyone thinks she was happy will like this. She really because husband came back happy to death? This article is a feminist novels. Male chauvinist led to sexual inequality, feminism advocates also should avoid to extreme tendency (such as novel transcendence of male fantasy). We even western social feminism and the ultimate goal of equality for all (real sense of equality). Not any party surpassed and superior. 正文 1. Knowing that Mrs. Mallard was afflictedwith a heart trouble, great care was taken to bring to her as gently as possible the news of her husband's death. It was her sister Josephine who told her, in broken sentences. Her husband's friend Richards was there, too, near her. It was he who had been in the newspaper office when intelligenceof the railroad disaster was received, with Brently Mallard's name leading the list of "killed 知道马拉德太太患有心脏病,向她传达她丈夫的死讯就要格外小心,而且要尽可能采取温和的方式。她妹妹约瑟芬吞吞吐吐地把这个消息告诉了她。当时,她丈夫的朋友理查兹也在她身边。正是他从报社得到了这次灾难性的铁路事故的消息——布伦特里·马拉德的名字在殉难者名单的第一个。 2. She wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sister's arms. When the storm of griefhad spent itself, she went away to her room alone. She would have no one follow her. There stood, facing the open window, a comfortable, roomy armchair. Into this she sank, pressed down by a physical exhaustion that hauntedher body and seemed to reach into her soul. 她突然倒在她妹妹的怀里,放声大哭。当这场悲伤的风暴过后,她独自回到了自己的房间,不让任何人跟随她。她瘫坐在扶手椅上,身体的疲劳已占据了她整个身体,似乎就要侵入她的灵魂——她已不堪重负。 Afflicted (verb, from: to afflict, often used + with/by in the past tense) 折磨 Broken sentences(expression) 碎句,语言结巴的 Intelligence (noun) 英 /ɪn'telɪdʒ(ə)ns/ 美 /ɪn'tɛlɪdʒəns/ 本文中指消息 Grief(noun) 英 /griːf/ 美 /ɡrif/ 悲痛;忧伤;不幸 Haunted(verb, from: to haunt) 英 /'hɔːntɪd/ 美 /'hɔntɪd/ 常去;缠住;使担忧 3. She could see in the open square before her house the tops of trees that were all aquiverwith the new spring life. The delicious breath of rain was in the air. In the street below a peddlerwas crying his wares. The notes of a distant song which someone was singing reached her faintly, and countless sparrows were twittering in the eaves. 她可以看到房前的露天广场上的树梢缀满新了芽,在微微抖动着。空气中弥漫着绵绵细雨。楼下的街道上,一个小贩正叫卖着他的货物。远处不知何人的歌声,隐隐约约地传入她的耳朵。数不清的麻雀在屋檐下叽叽喳喳地叫着。 4. She sat with her head thrown back upon the cushionof the chair, quite motionless, except when a sobcame up into her throat and shook her, as a child who has cried itself to sleep continues to sob in its dreams. She was young, with a fair, calm face, whose lines usually bespoke repressionand even a certain strength. But now there was a dull stare in her eyes, whose gaze was fixed away on one of those patches of blue sky. It was not a glance of reflection, but rather indicated a suspensionof intelligent thought. 她坐在椅子上,头猛地向后靠向椅垫。她坐在那里,几乎一动不动,只是呜咽声从她的喉咙经过时,让她的身体发出抖动。就如同一个在哭泣中入睡的孩子,在睡梦中仍会发出阵阵啜泣。她很年轻,面容白皙、冷静,面部轮廓显得镇静甚至有那么一丝丝坚强。但现在的她,目光呆滞,凝视着远方蓝色天际的一隅。那并不是转眼间的沉思,更像是深思熟虑的短暂停歇。 Aquiver(adj.) 英 /ə'kwɪvə/ 颤抖的;兴奋的 Peddler(noun) 英 /'pedlə/ 美 /'pɛdlɚ/ 小贩; Eaves (noun) 英 /iːvz/ 美 /ivz/ 屋檐; Cushion(noun) 英 /'kʊʃ(ə)n/ 美 /'kʊʃən/ 垫子;起缓解作用之物; Sob(noun/verb) 英 /sɒb/ 美 /sɑb/ 啜泣,呜咽; Bespoke(verb, from: to bespeak) 英 /bɪ'spəʊk/ 美 /bɪ'spok/ 预约,显示出 Repression (noun) 英 /rɪ'preʃən/ 美 /rɪ'prɛʃən/ 抑制,[心理] 压抑;镇压 Dull(noun) 英 /dʌl/ 美 /dʌl/ 钝的;迟钝的;无趣的;呆滞的;阴暗的 Suspension(noun) 英 /sə'spenʃ(ə)n/ 美 /sə'spɛnʃən/ 悬浮;暂停;停职 5. There was something coming to her and she was waiting for it, fearfully. What was it? She felt it, creeping out of the sky, reaching toward her through the sounds, the scents, the colour that filled the air. Now her bosom rose and fell tumultuously. She was beginning to recognize this thing that was approaching to possess her, and she was striving to beat it back with her will--as powerless as her two white slenderhands would have been. A little whispered word escaped her slightly parted lips. She said it over and over under her breath: "free, free, free!" Thevacantstare and the look of terror that had followed it, went from her eyes. They stayed keen and bright. Her pulses beat fast, and the coursingblood warmed and relaxed every inch of her body. 她突然想到了什么,这正是她在恐慌中所等待的。是什么呢?这个想法从遥远的天际悄悄溜出,与空气中充满的各种声响、气味和色彩一同来到她的身边,于是被她察觉到了。此时,她的内心已躁动不安。她开始意识到这个想法会占据她的全部身心,于是她开始用自己的意志力击退它——只不过,她的意志力与她白嫩纤细的双手一样弱不禁风。她两片嘴唇微微张开,一阵低语从唇缝中脱口而出。她一遍又一遍地低声说着:“自由了,自由了,终于自由了!”她目光中的茫然、空洞,以及随之而来的恐慌消失了。双眼释放出敏锐、愉悦的光芒。她的脉搏快速地跳动着,奔腾的血液令她身体的每一个部位都变得温暖和放松。 6. She did not stop to ask if it were or were not a monstrousjoy that held her. A clear perception enabled her to dismiss the suggestion astrivial. She knew that she would weep again when she saw the kind, tender hands folded in death; the face that had never looked without love upon her, fixed and grey and dead. But she saw beyond that bitter moment a long procession of years to come that would belong to her absolutely. And she opened and spread her arms out to them in welcome. 她并没让自己的思绪停下来,去问一下自己是否已经被一种巨大的喜悦所掌控。她没有这么做,是因为她非常清楚那并不重要。她知道当她看到那双亲切、温柔的双手在棺木中交叉紧握,以及那张曾经无时无刻不流露出对她的爱慕,如今却苍白、僵硬、面无血色的面孔时,她会再次哭泣。但是,她已经看到了在那痛苦时刻过后,等待她的是一段完全属于她自己的漫长的未来岁月。于是,她张开了一双臂膀,准备迎接这新生活的到来。 Tumultuously(adv.) /tjʊ'mʌltʃʊəsli/ 喧闹地;骚乱地 Slender(adj.) 英 /'slendə/ 美 /'slɛndɚ/ 细长的;苗条的;微薄的 Vacant (adj.) 英 /'veɪk(ə)nt/ 美 /'vekənt/ 空虚的;空的;空缺的; Keen(adj.) 英 /kiːn/ 美 /kin/ 敏锐的,敏捷的;渴望的;强烈的; Coursing (verb, from: to course) 英 /'kɔːsɪŋ/ 美 /'kɔrsɪŋ/ 跑过;追逐; Monstrous(adj.) 英 /'mɒnstrəs/ 美 /'mɑnstrəs/ 巨大的;怪异的;荒谬的;畸形的 Trivial (adj.) 英 /'trɪvɪəl/ 美 /'trɪvɪəl/ 不重要的,琐碎的;琐细的 Procession(noun) 英 /prə'seʃ(ə)n/ 美 /prə'sɛʃən/ 行进 7. There would be no one to live for during those coming years; she would live for herself. There would be no powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow-creature. A kind intention or a cruel intention made the act seem no less a crime as she looked upon it in that brief moment of illumination. 即将到来的岁月里,她不必再为别人活着;她将只为自己而活。不再有强大的意志让她屈服并盲目地坚持这样的理念——无论男人还是女人都有权利将自己的私人意愿强加给自己的另一半。这短暂的顿悟令她发现,无论善意或残酷的意图都让她觉得这种想法简直与犯罪没什么两样。 8. And yet she had loved him--sometimes. Often she had not. What did it matter! What could love, the unsolved mystery, count for in the face of this possession of self-assertion which she suddenly recognized as the strongest impulse of her being! "Free! Body and soul free!" she kept whispering. 然而,她的确爱过他——虽然只是偶尔。大多数时候,她并不爱他。这并不重要了!爱情,这个谜一般的东西,在这种重新找回自我的感觉面前,又有什么意义呢?——她突然意识到这种找回自我的感觉才是她内心中最强烈的冲动。“自由!身体和灵魂的自由!”她一直在低语着。 Illumination(noun) 英 /ɪ,ljuːmɪ'neɪʃən/ 美 /ɪ'lʊmə'neʃən/ 启发,领悟 Count for(expression, verb) 有价值,有重要性 Self-assertion(noun) 英 /'selfə'sə:ʃən/ 自信;自作主张; 9. Josephine was kneeling before the closed door with her lips to the key hole, asking her to let her in. "Louise, open the door! I beg; open the door--you will make yourself ill. What are you doing, Louise? For heaven's sake open the door." "Go away. I am not making myself ill", she said. No; she was drinking in a very elixirof life through that open window. Spring days, and summer days, and all sorts of days that would be her own. She breathed a quick prayer that life might be long. It was only yesterday she had thought with a shudderthat life might be long. She finally arose at length and opened the door for her sister. There was a feverish triumph in her eyes, and she carried herselflike a goddess of Victory. Together they descended the stairs. Richards stood waiting for them at the bottom. 约瑟芬跪在关着的门外,嘴唇贴着钥匙孔,央求着让她进去。“露易丝,打开门吧!我求求你了,打开门吧。这样下去你会病倒的!露易丝,你在做什么?看在上帝的份上,打开门吧!”“走开,我一点儿事没有,”她说。她的确没事。她现在正看着窗外,畅想着自己未来的美好生活,甚至有些飘飘欲仙的感觉——春天、夏天,以后的不管什么样的日子里,她都会为自己而活……她快速地做了个祈祷,希望自己的生命能够更长一些。就在昨天,她想到自己还得活很多年时,她还会感到不寒而栗。她终于从扶手椅上起来,为她妹妹打开了房门。她的眼中释放出狂热且胜利的光芒。此时此刻,她的举手投足就像一位胜利女神。姐妹俩一起走下楼梯。理查兹正在楼下等着她们。 Elixir (noun) 英 /ɪ'lɪksə; -sɪə/ 美 /ɪ'lɪksɚ/ 不老长寿药;万能药;炼金药 Shudder (noun) 英 /'ʃʌdə/ 美 /'ʃʌdɚ/ 发抖;战栗;震动 Carried herself (expression; from: to carry yourself in a certain way) 举手投足的姿态 10. Someone was opening the front door with a latchkey. It was Brently Mallard who entered, a little travel-stained, composedly carrying his grip-sack and umbrella. He had been far from the scene of the accident, and did not even know there had been one. He stood amazed at Josephine's piercing cry; at Richards' quick motion to screen him from the view of his wife. When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease--of the joy that kills. 正在这时,有人用钥匙打开了前门。走进的人正是布伦特里·马拉德。他看上去有点儿风尘仆仆,手里拿着他的沉甸甸的手提包和雨伞。事故发生时,他距离事故现场很远,甚至不知道有这么一场事故。他站在那里,惊讶地看着约瑟芬嚎啕大哭。理查兹快速地遮住了他的视线,不让他看到她妻子的惨相。医生赶来后,告诉他们,她死于高兴过度导致的心脏病。 Latchkey(noun) 英 /'lætʃkiː/ 美 /'lætʃki/ (尤指住所前门的)门锁钥匙;弹簧锁钥匙 Composedly (adv.) /kəm'pozdli/ 镇定地;沉着地;自若地 Grip-sack(noun) 手提包,旅行包 Piercing (verb, from: to pierce) 英 /'pɪəsɪŋ/ 美 /'pɪrsɪŋ/ 刺穿;感动;洞察 Screen(verb) 英 /skriːn/ 美 /skrin/ 挡住 The End 当她的丈夫安然无恙地出现在面前,玛拉德太太见到这一幕时竟倒地猝死,医生的诊断是她死于高兴过度。不足千字的描述让一位饱受婚姻束缚的女性跃然纸上,丈夫死亡的消息激发了她对自由的向往,自我意识觉醒,然而她的觉醒却是以生命为代价。 她为女性而书写。凯特·肖邦是美国女性主义文学创作的先驱之一,注重刻画女性内心世界,结构严谨,布局巧妙,字里行间暗藏讽刺,结局出人意料。肖邦作品试图再现生活的原本方式,表达对传统女性角色的不满和反抗,对精神自由和情感独立的追求。另一部作品《觉醒》也值得一读。简单故事情节蕴含丰富象征及同样严肃的主题。 《一小时故事》是一篇女性主义(Feminism) 小说, 描述19世纪两性不平等的社会现实, 饱受意识形态束缚的女性开始觉醒,产生自我价值再认识的诉求。值得一提的是,西方社会兴起的女性主义运动,对于性别平权的诉求从来都不是走向另一个极端,而是众生平等,两性在真正意义上的平等,并不是挑战、超越与凌驾另一方。 Male chauvinist led to sexual inequality, feminism advocates also should avoid to extreme tendency (such as novel transcendence of male fantasy). We even western social feminism and the ultimate goal of equality for all (real sense of equality). Not any party surpassed and superior. ''女人应该有一间属于自己的房子, 这样女人可以宁静地去思考。" 课后阅读 凯特·肖邦小说《一小时的故事》 的女性主义解读 摘要: 通过对凯特·肖邦《一小时的故事》的深度阅读,发现蕴含其中的女性主义思想。从叙事层面探讨了作品中女性视角的使用 及场景的快速移植变幻,从文体层面探讨了对照、反讽、象征手法的运用,揭示了女主人公玛拉德夫人对自由的追求及其女性意识的觉醒。《一小时的故事》为现代女性主义思想及写作提供了一个完美的范例。 关键词: 凯特·肖邦;《一小时的故事》;玛拉德夫人;叙事文体 一、引言 自女性主义运动兴起以来,很多女作家被不断发现,进人经典作家行列,其中最著名者当属凯特·肖邦。凯特·肖邦是美国19世纪重要的女性作家,被誉为“美国女权主义文学创作的先驱之一”。她的小说《一小时的故事》阐述女性追求平等和自由的主题,是其一系列描写女性觉醒与反叛作品的序曲。作品 讲述玛拉德夫人在一个小时中历经两次震撼,从获知丈夫因火车事故丧生的消息,到丈夫突然返家,惊愕之中 心脏病发作猝死的故事。在简单的故事情节之下,蕴含着丰富的象征及严肃的主题。 女性主义理论有一个基本前提:女性在全世界范围内是一个受压迫、受歧视的等级,这不仅因为女性属于 某个阶级或阶层,还仅仅因为身为女性而受压迫,即女性主义思想家Simone de Beauvoir所说的“第二性”。女 性的第二性地位,在这样一个跨历史、跨文化的社会结构当中,女性在政治、经济、文化、思想、认知、观念、伦理 等各个领域都处于与男性不平等的地位,即使在家庭这样的私人领域中,女性也处于与男性不平等的地位。女 性主义者认为,男尊女卑的性别秩序既不是普遍存在的,也不是永不改变的,因为它并不是“自然形成”的,而 是由社会和文化人为建构起来的121。女性主义致力于消除两性的差别,实现性别包括男女之间的平等,即两性的平等。与之相应,随着女权主义运动的发展,针对性别研究、女性主义的学术研究也随之兴起。 二、叙事层面 19世纪末的美国社会呈现以男权为中心的社会意识形态。这种意识形态中形成的概念使人们从男权的角 度来描述这个世界,并且把这种描述混同于真理。女性主义者对这一概念提出了挑战,致力于争取两性平等, 改变女性受歧视压迫的现状。肖邦的作品注重刻画女性的内心世界,结构严谨,布局巧妙,字里行间暗藏讽刺, 结局往往出人意料。其短篇小说《一个小时的故事》亦属此例,小说语言细腻隽永,视角变换自然,主题深刻鲜 明,意象丰富内敛,摆脱了维多利亚时代故事加说教的创作模式。同时,通过淡化故事情节,重彩描述人物内心 世界,小说突破了维多利亚时代客厅小说的沉闷框架,呈现出鲜明的女性主义倾向,主要表现为女性视角的独 特使用,以及场景的快速移植变幻。 (一)女性视角的独特运用 肖邦所处的时代,西方物质文明已发展到一定程度,然而妇女的社会地位还远未提高许多。肖邦以独特的女性视角,将世界划分为神秘的两极,使女性的敏感有了一种神圣的禀质。《一个小时的故事》重心在于描写人 物复杂多变的内心世界,展示给读者一连串日常生活的细小片段,其中充满了各种意象、意念、幻觉和潜意识活动不具有完整的情节,连贯的叙述或传统的发展模式。女性视角贯穿于《一个小时的故事》全文,其中女主人公自己的房问为其提供主要场景。这是小说用笔最多一个部分,详细地描述了女性自由意识苏醒的过程,也是 作者刻意安排的第二场景,赋予她感受自由的房间。20世纪英国著名女作家弗吉尼亚·伍尔夫在《自己的房间》 中表达了女人应有的生活方式——“女人应该有一间属于自己的房子,这样女人可以宁静地去思考”,首次提出妇女在社会中是否有一席之地的问题。《一个小时的故事》中,肖邦特意为玛拉德夫人安排代表内在自我的 房间,作为其幻想自由的空间延伸。这样以玛拉德夫人的房间为载体,开始了她女性自我意识觉醒的心路历程。《一个小时的故事》以倒叙体“大家都知道玛拉德夫人的心脏有毛病,所以在把她丈夫的死讯告诉她时是 非常注意方式方法的”开始。这种倒叙手法,在故事一开始,就暗示主人公的追求和梦想最终必遭破灭,因此她的努力探寻带有空虚和宿命的性质。 (二)场景的迅速移植变幻 《一个小时的故事》的开始似乎毫无铺垫,篇中鲜有戏剧化的矛盾或重大冲突,也往往找不到高潮,结局是开放式的。然而细心的读者会发现这些表面上看来缺乏连贯性和逻辑性的细小片段间存在着紧密的内在联 系,而这个联系主要依附于富有深义的结构安排。整篇小说包含三个场景,一个是在客厅里,围着玛拉德夫人 的姐姐和朋友们,焦虑而又小心翼翼地把她丈夫去世的消息告诉了她; 第二个场景是在露易丝的二楼卧室里, 在此她的自我意识苏醒,对自由的生命充满了期盼;第三个场景转回客厅,玛拉德夫人见到从门外回来的丈 夫,心脏病突发而死。第一个场景,作者用简短的三个段落开启故事,但是故事没有具体的时代背景,没有景物 描写,只有公式化的人名(玛拉德夫人),职务(铁路、旅行、出差),复杂的人际关系(玛拉德先生的朋友、医生、夫 人的姐姐),这说明这是一个标准的男权社会,女性的声音被压抑着,作为受害者家属的玛拉德夫人在这三段 里也是在第一个场景快要落幕时才出现,并且一出现就被男权社会的规范所制约着——“她没有像别的女人 那样,带着麻木接受的神情听这个故事”。说明客厅里的人心目中存在一个标准的维多利亚“家中天使”形象。 与之相应,大家预感“马夫人准会因此而晕厥或昏死过去”。然而,出人意料,“她立刻倒在姐姐怀里,突然放肆 地大哭起来。“立刻、突然”多少带有伪装的色彩。场景迅速转换——“她不让任何人跟着她”巧妙地转入下一个 场景——第三个场景又回到客厅,呼应第一个场景,也是简短的三段,玛拉德夫人再一次最后出场,而且出场 时已是病发身亡。最先是丈夫死,妻子获得新生,现在丈夫活着回来了,妻子却死了,最精辟的是在倒数第三段 末尾一句的描写——“理查兹快速地把他挡在妻子的视线外”。暗示在男权社会里,男人和女人无法和谐共存, 女性争取独立自主意识必须以生命为代价。 三、文体层面 《一小时的故事》全文不足2000字,却运用大量对照、反讽和象征等手法,以表现女性自主意识的觉醒,显示出 高超的文体技巧,展现了女生所受婚姻枷锁的沉重、社会现实的残酷,以及渴望平等与自由之梦想的美丽易碎。 (一)对照写作的运用凸显出玛拉德夫人的失语状态 男权社会中的女性一直作为被凝视的对象,而非被倾听的对象而存在,女人被边缘化,处于一种失语的状 态,是缺席和缄默的,更多地是男人眼中的他者,想象中的天使,而不是以自己的本真存在f2】。文中共五人出场, 其中玛拉德夫人寡言少语,在对话语权的占有方面与另外四人构成了明显的二元对立项。姐姐“用不连贯的语 言,遮遮掩掩地给她暗示着”;她丈夫的朋友理查兹“把这个不幸的消息带回来”。他们掌握了话语权,而玛拉德 夫人只有“如泉涌的泪水”,没有人期待她讲出内心的真实感受,她的丈夫“生前”对她来说同样只不过是“一双 温柔、亲切的双手,一张从来都不会对她吝啬爱意的脸”,而非倾听的对象。当玛拉德夫人在房中经历灵魂的新 生时,姐姐在外面认定她“会使自己生病”;当她死于惊吓时,医生宣布她死于惊喜。观者的期待与玛拉德夫人 的实际情形之间的矛盾、落差表明,她的真实自我始终处于缄默与缺席状态。存在于人们眼中的是美丽、羞涩、 善良、顺从、柔弱玛拉德夫人,符合社会秩序要求的完美家庭天使,人们崇拜她、保护她,但以剥夺她说话的权 力作为前提。 (二)反讽的运用暗示玛拉德夫人处境的无奈 男权社会的长久压抑使主人公失去了话语的能力。不可否认,以丈夫的死亡为契机,她的自我在瞬问爆发,然而,它如此弱小,以至于她不得不将自己独自关在房中,像初学说话的婴儿一样一遍遍重复着自由一词,并 “悄悄地做了快速的祈祷,但愿自己生命长久一些”,自由一词蕴含着主体发自灵魂深处的激情与力量,却被予 以弱化表述,造成一种强烈的反讽意味151,凸显玛拉德夫人处境的无奈,其间蕴涵凯特·肖邦的深切怜悯。贯穿 《一个小时的故事》全文,玛拉德夫人始终如同圣母玛丽亚一般娴静无声,其意识始终只能以内心独自的方式 呈现,证明了她“维多利亚家中天使”的身份。 (三)象征的运用表明马兰德夫人无法向社会证明真我的存在 《一个小时的故事》中房间被作者赋予了深刻的象征意义,塑造了孤独、失意、怯弱而心灵扭曲的女性形象, 社会既定秩序不仅剥夺了女性主体的语言能力,使其无法向社会证明真我的存在,还侵入个体本身,使她的自 我发生分裂,即使独处时也无法返回整合之状态,这一点在路易斯的生存环境上有所体现:房间由她的丈夫提 供,被高置于楼上,象征玛丽亚的神殿,人们建造它以表示对圣母的崇敬与膜拜。因此,房间作为玛拉德夫人分 裂自我的延伸,同样具有分裂的特征。同时,房间处于楼上,暗示玛拉德夫人对自由与独立的追求是不可能实 现的空中楼阁幻想之物,幻想世界中的“胜利女神”一旦跨出房门,在她下完楼梯之前就会倒地而死。因为,她 的转变毕竟仍然是基于男性,虽然采取了她丈夫死亡的特殊形式。 四、结语 《一个小时的故事》带有明显嘲讽意味与黑色幽默色彩,行文自然流畅,手法遒劲老到,篇幅短小精悍,具有 极高的艺术水准。医生诊断玛拉德夫人因过度喜悦而死,然而只有领会她内心起伏转折的读者才明白她的死 因并非狂喜,而是新生的自由落空的绝望; 并非心脏病发,而是自我的觉醒。玛拉德夫人被作为理想与美的化身加以塑造,肖邦在她身上寄托了自己的社会理想,然而,在19世纪末男性中心话语既定的社会中,这样的理 想无法实现,因此其悲惨结局无法避免。这表明,肖邦对社会没有任何幻想,她的批判是彻底的、毁灭性的。《一 小时的故事》通过玛拉德夫人的死体现作者对生活的执著,以及对当时社会男女不平等和妇女社会地位低下 的不满,揭示出现实与理想之间矛盾的永恒性,深刻地阐述了女性追求平等和自由的主题,成为凯特·肖邦一系列描写女性觉醒与反叛作品的序曲。 凯特·肖邦小说《一小时的故事》的女性主义解读 作者: 宋雪, SONG Xue 淮北师范大学外国语学院,安徽,淮北, 刊名: 参考文献(5条) 1.王庆勇 《暴风雨》中的反讽和象征艺术研究 2008(04) 2.胡爱华 一曲女性自由的悲歌[期刊论文]-江南大学学报 2004(02) 3.凯特?肖邦著金莉;秦亚青 一小时的故事 1995(04) 4.罗婷 现代美国妇女的困境与自救 1994(01) 5.朱虹 美国女作家短篇小说选 1981 本文读者也读过(10条) 1. 宋春梅 《一小时的故事》女性意识解读[期刊论文]-沈阳师范大学学报(社会科学版)2010,34(3) 2. 冀慧颖 自由的呼唤——试论凯特·肖邦的《一个小时的故事》[期刊论文]-时代文学2009(15) 3. 刘翌 女性主义文本的典范——再读凯特·肖邦的《一小时的故事》[期刊论文]-考试周刊2008(27) 4. 陈三元 自由幻想的破灭——论《一小时的故事》空间场景的象征意蕴[期刊论文]-湖南工业大学学报(社会科 学版)2009,14(1) 5. 金晓莉 女性意识的觉醒——凯特·肖邦《一小时的故事》解读[期刊论文]-时代文学2009(23) 6. 冯宜丽 路易斯·马拉德的心路历程——解读凯特·肖邦的《一小时的故事》[期刊论文]-电影文学2007(22) 7. 张竞碧.鲁修红 自由的代价——解读凯特·肖邦的《一小时的故事》[期刊论文]-内蒙古民族大学学报 2008,14(3) 8. 陈圣.田颖.CHEN Ying 堪抵一生的一个小时——浅析《一个小时的故事》[期刊论文]-湖北广播电 视大学学报2007,27(12) 9. 冯宜丽.FENG Yi-li 灵魂漂泊的历程——评《一小时的故事》中的生存取向[期刊论文]-河南机电高等专科学校 学报2008,16(2) 10. 尹康敏 "新生"与"死亡"的情与景——从《一小时的故事》看凯特·肖邦意象象征手法的运用[期刊论文]-译林 2009(5) 本文链接: 沈阳农业大学学报(社会科学版) 英文刊名: JOURNAL OF SHENYANG AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY(SOCIAL SCIENCE EDITION) 年,卷(期): 2010,12(1) FREE CHAT 周一听力写作专区 热招听译字幕君 " Monday with Nick“ 和外教尼克聊天 —— 跨越大洲的中西文化互动 你留言,他回复 —— "每周一段互动脱口秀" 你能听懂多少? 听写强化训练全面提升听力口语 听写小能手上线 你来练听译,写出中英对照字幕, 再也不用担心听不懂外国人的实景口语啦! 每周一练,进步多多! 现在就把听力练起来! 报名参与听写训练, 微博私信@京晶am774 同时欢迎将自练片段发在留言区 记录自己的练习和进步。 Jan 1.14 点击下图收听今日音频 听写 英文版+中译 【关 键 词】 时光飞逝2019来了 ! 英语发音学习技巧 ? 2019目标动力分享点评... 尼克的生日礼物 :) Happy Birthday to Nick! 【互动话题】 分享你印象最深刻的生日体验? 【本周字幕组】 @酱@ min@哈啊 @鹊踏枝 @小喷菇????  @Isabelle @jessica @Olivia @神起蛛蛛  @芯乃荷 @Joyce @刘辉@e@张梦宇@王 衷心感谢听众志愿者的辛勤工作! (报名方式见文末) 【正文】 0-3'30''酱 ; min Hi, everybody, this is Nick and we have another short story for you on this wonderful Monday, January 14th, 2019. 2019, have you gotten used to saying that, yet? Life goes by fast, doesn't it? Well,it certainly goes by fast for the main character of the short story that you're about to hear, which is titled, The story of an hour. The story of an hour, it was written in 1894 by an author named Kate Chopin. And in the story of an hour, there are two symbols that I want you to look out for. The first one is, and I hope I'm not giving too much away here, but in the first sentence of the story, you'll come to understand that Louise, the main character is suffering from heart troubles, ok? Heart troubles. Now, the second thing I want you guys to pay attention to is the open window, ok? The open window. Now with that in mind, the heart troubles and the open window, listen to the following short story carefully, and come up with your own definition on what these symbols, heart trouble and the open window mean to you? What do you think the author is trying to tell us here, a little bit of a mystery, right? Don't worry, all the answers are in the following short story, which is titled, story of an hour by Kate Chopin? 嘿,各位,我是尼克! 在今天这样一个美好的周一, 2019年1月14号, 我们有另外一个短故事带给大家。 2019年,你们现在习惯了说2019没有啊? 日子过得飞快, 可不是么? 当然,对于这个你们即将要听到的《一小时的故事》的主人公来说呢,那肯定是时光飞逝啊.《一小时的故事》,是由一位叫做作凯特.肖邦的作家在1894年写的。在这个《一小时的故事》里呢,有两个象征性的词,我希望你们多多留意。第一个是,呃,我不想透露太多,不过,在故事的第一段话里,你将要了解到路易丝--故事的主人公,她得了心脏病,是的,心-脏-病。然后,第二个我希望你们特别留意的词语就是“打开的窗户”,嗯,“打开的-窗-户”。那,现在默默记着这两个关键词“心脏病”和“打开的窗户”,仔细地收听接下来的这个小故事。然后给出你们自己对于这两个词语的定义来,你认为“心脏病”和“打开的窗户”分别意味着什么?作者在这里想要传达给我们的是什么?有点神秘吧?别担心,所有的答案都将在接下来的故事里面揭晓,故事的名字叫做《一小时的故事》, 作者:凯特.肖邦。 Hi, PK communities, this is Nick, back with you for another free talk and wishing you a happy-y-y-y-y Monday! On this Monday, January 14th, 2019, how are you? I am freezing cold here, in Montréal. You might hear some wind in the background, that, that wind is coming from outside, it's so cold here, this weekend the coldest temperature was minus 22 degrees, it's cold! So with that in mind, we're staying indoors as much as possible, but the indoor activities will become outdoor activities at the end of this week, I'll explain why in a minute, but first I want to thank all of you. 嗨, PK台的听友们,我是尼克!又到了我们的自由聊天环节了,祝你们周一 快 乐 !!!在这个周一,2019年的1月14号,你们好吗?我这里-蒙特利尔,冰天冻地。你可能听到了我身后有风声,是滴,这是外面传进来的风声,这里太冷啦!这个周末外面最冷的时候是零下22度啊!是很冷很冷啊,呵呵!因为这样,我们就只好尽可能地呆在室内啊。不过这个周末室内活动将要变成户外活动了,我马上就会跟你们解释为什么,不过首先我要感谢你们所有的人。 3'30''-7'00''鹊踏枝;哈啊 But first, I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments you left on PK’s Wechat post last week. The topic was about motivation, and I have to say your comments really got me motivated, I had an excellent excellent week , a very productive week. And I honor to you , so, thank you. I'm now going to read a few of those comments from last week. The first one from Daweiwei. Daweiwei says I've been in your dictation for about half year, and I really love your voice which sounds like you have a soft soul. Thank you, Daweiwei, I really appreciate that, but it's the first time I leave a comment here. Oh, well , welcome to the comment section. I'd be really appreciate that you correct me. Yeah, Yeah, so the first correction is right there. Daweiwei,I know like you would appreciate it if I correct you but you have to think about as a future term, right? So, we have a 3 element in English, which is past present and future, and we speak according to those, so, at time that you are writing this comment when it's exactly "Would you like me to correct you ?" So, you have to say "I would, I would really appreciate it if you corrected me. "See that's the future way you will say it, the present would be "Hi, I appreciate you correcting me." And past would be "Hi, I appreciated you correcting me ."understand? So, "I'd be very appreciated" will become "I would really appreciate it if you could correct me, if you find me any improper grammar or expressions." All right, these little tips for you Daweiwei. In 2019, I have a lot resolutions in every aspect of my life. As for goals, in learning English, I'm dying in speak English fluently, not this year, I know. I said my goals for understanding easy TV shows without subtitles last year. And now, I almost made it. So, one thing that I tell everybody when they are learning a new language, especially languages like English, French, Spanish and so on, is the No.1 step, is to perfect the alphabet:ABCDEFG…Not only knowing what the letters are, but how to say those letters, those letters are going to be the base for you to move forward or to climb one… 首先感谢诸位的留言,上周我们讨论的话题是动力。大家的留言也让我动力满满啊!我上周过得很愉快,也是收获颇丰。我为大家感到自豪,我们先来看一下上周的留言。第一个是大薇薇的留言。她说,我在PK台字幕组工作有近半年了,特别喜欢你的声音,听起来让人感觉你是一个非常亲切温柔的人。(噢,谢谢你呀!)不过这是我第一次给你留言。(欢迎欢迎)我感谢你帮我修正错误。好啦,你看第一个要纠正的就在这里,我们要注意一下,你是不是说你“将”感谢我,如果我帮你纠正的话。在这里你要用一下将来时术语。英语有3种时态,分别是过去时,现在时,将来时。我们说话也是要分清时态的。你到底想让我什么时候纠呢?比如,你说如果你能纠正我的错误,我将会非常感谢,这就是将来时态。用现在时态说是,我非常感谢你,帮我改正。用过去时态则是,你帮我更正,我已经很感激了。清楚了吗?应该这样说,你若发现有任何不妥之处,望斧正,感激不尽。好了,大薇薇,这是一点提示啦。)2019年,我立下了很多目标,我真的是迫不及待地想学好英语,用语流利。但是我也知道仅凭一年的努力,也是不可能达到的。2018年的时候,我立下目标要看懂简易的英语节目,不带字幕提示,我做到了。我经常告诉外语学习者的一句话就是,尤其是像英语,法语,西班牙语这种字母文字的学习者,一定要先学好字母表。不仅要清楚字母表包含的字母有哪些,还要晓畅发音,这些都为你今后的学习打下坚实的基础。 7'00''-10'30''小喷菇;张梦宇 Those letters are going to be the base for you to move forward or to climb on in order to better your English. You see, I feel like this step gets skipped too many times. I feel like this step doesn’t matter as much as it should. I mean once you have a basic understanding of the alphabet, you can move on to your goal which is to speak fluently or understand fluently. 那些英语字母是将帮助你英语更上一层楼的基础。你看,我觉得这一过程被许多人给略过了,感觉它没有想像中的那么重要。我是想说,一旦你对字母有很好的掌握基础。你就可以朝着自己的目标更进一步,即流利说英语或顺畅地理解它。 But let me tell you the best English speakers can all say the alphabet perfectly. And it doesn’t get taught that much, because when native English speakers are taught the alphabet, it’s at a very young age. Therefore, it’s almost like we don’t even remember learning it. 但是,我所知道的,英语口语水平较好的人都能够把英语字母说的精准完美,并且他们也不需要刻意去学,这是因为本土的英语学习者都是在很小的时候就开始接受这些。因此,就好像我们甚至都不记得自己学过这些。 It was learned at such a young age that it was kind of ingrained into our brain. When we’re teaching English, we forget how to teach the alphabet because we learned it at such a young age. When I was learning Korean, and Korean does have an alphabet. The most important part was learning the tones of the alphabet. So make it a personal goal of yours to really drill down and learn the alphabet. 在幼年时,我们就接收到这种知识,就像一种根植于我们大脑中的信息。当我们去教授这些字母时竟不知如何去表达,因为这是我们在很小的时候就习得的东西。我在学习韩语时 ,并且韩语也的确有独立的字母系统。最重要的部分是学习它的语音语调。所以,把这当做你的一个目标,沉下心来努力去学习字母的发音。 I know it’s boring. I know it’s very very boring! I mean who wants to repeat a,b,c,d,e,f,g over and over again? I certainly wouldn’t want to do that. You see, in learning English, if you really want to be fluent, if you really want to be without any accent at all, you need to learn the alphabet. 我知道这个过程是枯燥乏味的,而且会非常非常枯燥。我想谁又会愿意一遍一遍的重复去读a,b,c ,d,e f,g呢?我肯定不会这样做的。你会看到,在学习英语时,如果你想要流利说出来,还想要不带任何口音,必须要学好26个英语字母。 And it’s easy to just go into TV shows or go into movies and try to learn from that. But without the knowledge of the tones of the alphabet, you won’t ever be able to repeat what they’re saying on TV correctly, because you don’t have the tone. That’s why accents are boring. Because they use the tones of their fluent language, of their native language, and transfer that tone into English. So that’s a little tip if you really want to master the English language. Make sure you learn the alphabet from A to Z and perfect it. Alright? I know it’s boring. I’d rather be watching TV shows just like you, but that’s what you have to do. 并且这也很容易做到,你可以通过看美剧或电影去学习。但要是你没有掌握这些字母的发音,你就不能正确的模仿电视上他们所说的话,因为你不懂这些语音语调。这就是为什么口音会有点乏味。因为电视里面的人会用他们本地语言的语音语调来讲英语。保证你学会并完美的说出从A到Z这些英语字母的发音。好吗?我知道这会很无聊,我也会像你们一样,宁愿去看电视剧。但是你们必须要这样做才能学好英语。 So Da Weiwei continues by saying I also got some other good ideas from my friends, such as watching TED and talk shows like The Ellen Show. I love TED talks, they are great! My favorite one is one by Mikerowe, m-i-k-e-r-o-w-e. And Mikerowe used to have this TV show called dirty jobs, jobs that nobody wants to do. He would go and work for those jobs for a day. He did a fantastic TED talk and it’s still my favorite. So if you can find that one, I highly suggest you listen to it. 所以大薇薇还说,“我也从我的朋友那里得到一些其他的好的想法,例如可以通过看TED演讲和脱口秀比如《艾伦秀》来学英语”。我很喜欢Ted演讲,他们棒极了!我最喜欢的一个是由Mikerowe所主讲的。他曾经在这个节目中发表过一个叫肮脏的工作的演讲,即没有人想要做的工作。他只愿为其工作一天。他做了一期精彩的演讲,并且一直是我的最爱。所以,要是你能找到那一期,我强烈推荐你去听一听。 10'30''-14'00''王; Jessica So if you can find that one ,I highly suggest you listen to Da weiwei continues by saying: but recently I am so obsessed with stand-up comedy and my favorite is Michael McIntyre who really laughs my head off every time. Ha ha , I’m really happy that you can enjoy stand-up comedy, this is such a great culture that we have here. it’s so funny and there is this stand-up comedy who I saw in Beijing called Joe Wong, Joe Wong so funny. Da Weiwei says I watched Russell Peters as well I can’t help laughing. Funny story, Russell Peters house is like 2 minutes from where I grown up in Branden Toronto, So we are kind of from the same area. A lot of Indian people in this area, and these comedians are actually the motivator from me to work on my English deeper, because I have no idea what they are saying without subtitles. So I guess , It’s my new years resolution, er my favorite stand up comedian at the moment is Bill Burr, B-I-L-L B-U-R-R. a funny story Da weiwei is if you are really into podcasts, podcast is spelled P-O-D-C-A-S-T. A lot of these stand-up comedians have podcast. now I know is difficult without subtitles, but if you are really into these and you are travelling on the subway or somewhere that you can only listen, these stand-up comedians do a lot of podcast, so you can find them there too. So Da Weiwei finishes her comment by saying : sometimes I’ve be told: ‘I know what’s your meaning but I wouldn’t write that way if I were you’. So I don’t know if any chance you could tell me how to express my point more naturally or could you please create a better version directly on radio and don’t bother to take time to read my original sentences, because all of people can read them in comment zone. Hey, that’s a good idea for going forward, but I totally didn’t do that, I usually read them as they are ,and If I see something very serious I’ll correct it, but maybe going forward I should add the comments and show them where the errors were, that’s a good idea, DaWeiwei. But remember, in your comment I’m still seeing a lot of struggles with the past sense, the present sense and the future sense. So make sure to pay attention on that okay? Learning the alphabet in its correct tones, mastering it from A to Z, and then the senses, past sense, present sense, future sense, and thank you for your wonderful comment, don’t be a stranger, I know it was your first time. we love to have you on my comment, thank you DaWeiwei. Our next comment is from Sunny Rong. Sunny Rong says: here I am gonna talk about my resolutions for 2019. Keep learning English by following PK and reading by myself every day. Hey that rams. Good job Sunny Wang. English is my priority resolution for this new year. Learning or reviewing knowledge on my profession even just a little,as my second plan. Keeping a record of 10000 steps every day as for preventing me from staying home all day .and No.4 is reading one book every month and giving a output about the book I would read. 那么如果你能找到那个,我强烈建议你听听。大薇薇继续说:最近我迷上了脱口秀,而我最喜欢的是Michael McIntyre 他真是每次都能让我笑到脑袋掉下来。哈哈哈,我很高兴你能喜欢脱口秀,这是我们这里的一个特色文化。特别搞笑,而且有一个我在北京看到的脱口秀演员叫黄西,黄西真是幽默。大薇薇说看 Russell Peters 的时候也是忍不住的笑。有趣的是 Russell Peters 的房子好像离我在布兰登多伦多长大的家只有两分钟的路程,所以我们也属于来自同一个地区。这个区有很多印度人,而这些喜剧演员就是我深度学习英语的动力,因为没有副标题的话我根本不知道他们在谈什么。所以,我想这是我的新年决心。额,我现在最喜欢Bill Burr的脱口秀, Bill Burr。大薇薇提到的有趣的是如果你去播客,播客拼写为podcast。很多这些脱口秀演员都有播客。现在我知道没有副标题很难,但是如果你认真听这些东西而你在地铁或者别的什么地方你只能听东西,这些脱口秀演员做了很多播客,所以你也可以在那里找到。大薇薇评论最后说:有时候我被告知“我明白你的意思但是如果我是你我不会那样写”。所以我不知道是否有机会让你告诉我如何更加自然的表达我的观点或者你能不能直接在广播上用一种更好的方式而不要花时间读我写的原始句子,因为所有的人都可以在评论区读到。嘿,这真是个进步的好主意,但是我完全没那么做过,我通常都是照着读,如果我看到一些非常严重的错误我会纠正,不过或许要进步我应该在评论上告诉他们错在哪。那是个好主意,大薇薇。不过,记住在你的评论里我看到很多关于过去时,现代时和将来时的纠结。所以要多注意那些好吗?用正确的语调学习字母,从A到Z精通掌握,然后是时态,过去时,现在时,将来时。谢谢你精彩的评论,别拘谨,我知道这是你第一次留言,我们很高兴有你在评论区,谢谢,大薇薇。 我们的下一条评论来自 Sunny Rong ,她说:我来谈一下我2019的决心,就是要每天继续跟着PK台学英语。嘿,这个很实用,真棒Sunny Rong. 英语是我这个新年的首要决心。学习或者复习专业知识,哪怕是一点点,作为我的第二个计划,3 为了防止我呆在家里每天保持一万步的记录。第四就是每个月读一本书,要输出我所读的书的知识。 14'00'' --17'30'' Isabelle ; Olivia “Keeping a record of 10,000 steps every day, as for preventing me from staying home all day. And No.4 is reading one book every month , and giving an output about the book I would’ve read. ‘Keeping being forward.’ So, that should say ‘keep pushing forward ‘, because you can’t really ‘be forward’ , you should say it’ keep pushing forward’. But you’re almost there. An wonderful comment by the way. Sunny-Rong by saying keeping being healthy’ and enjoy everyday. Yeah , your English is really good .Your written English is on point , just a few things that can be correct it . But you are going to do it by the end of 2019 .We are going to look back at this comment and laugh . Because you are going to be an expert. So, yeah, keep writing these comments ,because when I read them to you, you can hear how they sound, and if there are things that you think you can improve on by listening to your own comment ,then you can write those things down, and going forward .You can just improve, improve, improve. So thank you Sunny-Rong, thank you for the wonderful comment. And, you too, keeping healthy, enjoying everyday, and keep pushing forward. Our next comment is from LiuHui Zeng. I am so bad at this name. It’s a wonderful name, I think it’s a great name. But it’s really difficult for me to pronounce .OK , I try it again. Liu Hui Zeng, yes, got it ! LiuHui Zeng says “I like that we can not only learn English but also positive attitude. Now I’d like to share my resolutions with you which I had achieved in 2018. I determined to find a new job and enjoy my life with my family. Before that, I worked as a logistics manager in an e-commerce company. We often work overtime and I don’t like this . It was so lucky for me to find a new job in a foreign company.”(Nick corrects) “An international company”. Hey , congratulations ! Liuhui Zeng . ‘I have more and more time to enjoy my life and to learn English . Yeah ,I think it’s a biggest achievement for me in 2018.’ Good job ! Liuhui Zeng says ‘OK, I made a reflection at the beginning of 2019. My new year’s resolution is to pass the examination for postgraduate. To be honest , I find the math so difficult for me and I can hardly remember anything what I had learned from my math teacher. But I would persist my resolution and never give up . May me succeed .’ It should be “May I succeed .” OK, yeah ,try to use “I” instead of “me” when you can ,ok? So. Thank you, Nick.” Hey ,thank you Liuhui Zeng. Good luck with your postgraduate ! Math is so difficult for me too. I,I just gave up. Hehee, I am in charge of the finances in our home , I take care of paying bills and so on. It just gives me such a headache .Good luck with that. I really think if you push hard enough, you push forward hard enough , you’ll get it ! So, our final comment is from Viola Liu. “为了避免我整天不出门,每日要保持走一万步的纪录。第四是阅读。每月读一本书,然后写读书感想。 不断进步(Keeping being forward)。”应该这么说“Keep pushing forward(不断进步)”,因为你不能真的“be forward”,所以应该说“Keep pushing forward(不断进步)”。但是你的意思差不多对的。顺便说一句,很棒的留言哦。 Sunny-Rong继续说道“要健健康康,享受每一天哦!”你的英语真的很好,你的书面表达英语都在点上,只是有一点小瑕疵需要纠正。但是到2019年底,你就可以做到了。我们会边笑边回看这条留言。因为到那个时候你已经是个专家了。所以,继续留言吧,因为当我读这些留言的时候,你可以听到它们是怎么发音的。还有,如果在听你自己的留言你觉得有什么可以改进的东西,你也可以写下来,然后不断进步。你就可以一直的提升,提升,提升。所以谢谢Sunny-Rong,谢谢你很棒的留言。也祝你健健康康,享受每一天,不断地提升自己。 下一条留言来自刘辉。我真的发不好这个名字的音。这是个很美好的名字,我觉得个是很好的名字,但就是对我来说很难发音。好吧,我再试一下“刘....辉!!”耶,我做到了!!刘辉说“我喜欢英语PK台,在这不仅可以学英语,还可以学到积极的人生态度。现在我想跟你分享下我2018年实现的愿望。我下定了决心,终于换了份新工作, 还和我的家人们一起度过了美好的时光。在那之前,我在一家电商公司做后勤主管。我们经常加班,我很不喜欢这样。幸运的是,(后来)我找到一份在一家外国公司上班的工作。”(Nick老师纠正)“外企(international company)”。恭喜你啊!刘辉同学! “我有越来越多的时间来享受生活和学习英语。是的,这就是我2018年最大的成就了。”厉害了!!刘辉说“在2019年伊始,我做了个反思。我的新年愿望是通过考研初试。说实话,我发现对我来说数学太难了,我几乎把数学老师教我的东西全部还给他了。但我会坚持我的理想,永不放弃!祝我成功吧!(May me succeed!)” 应该说“祝我成功!(May I succeed!)”是的,如果可以的话试着用“I”代替“me”。“谢谢!尼克老师!” 嘿,谢谢你刘辉同学!祝你考研顺利!数学对我来说也是相当难搞的,我呢,就直接放弃它了。呵呵,我在家里掌管财务的,我负责付账单等等之类的东西。这就已经让我头疼不已了。祝你好运!我真的觉得如果你够努力,足够努力让自己不断进步的话,你一定可以做到的! 我们的下一条留言来自Viola Liu。 17'30''-21'00'' e ; 芯乃荷 So our final comment is from Viola Liu. Viola says, "Hi, Nick, I have followed the Going for Gold for about one and a half year, but I really have taken part in it for almost a year as well. This is my first time to make a New Year's resolution in public. I want to pass the PMI test at the end of March and have 5A." 最后一条评论来自Viola Liu。Viola说:“我收听英语PK台已经一年半了,真正参与这个节目也有快一年的时间,这是我第一次公开我的新年计划,我希望能通过在三月底举行的PMI考试并且获得5A的优异成绩。” I am not too sure what the PMI test is. Let me look...PMI Test... Oh! Oh! OK! OK! Positive material identification? Is that it? It’s like, wow, you gonna, it is, are you gonna be able to recognize which diamond is prettier. It's something about, you know, learning diamonds and stuff. I don't know. Sorry Viola I’m not sure what that is. 我不太确定PMI测试是什么。让我查一下。哦,明白了,是金属合金材料鉴别,是这个吗?看起来你可以鉴定哪个钻石更好,这的学习下关于钻石等东西的知识呢?对这方面我不太了解呢,抱歉Viola!我也不大确定这是啥。 Anyway, Viola says, "I will keep up doing Yoga at least three times a week. I will keep learning English, and try every trick in the book to find some partners to practice spoken English with. And I will persist reading books at 30 minutes a day with my child, and do some exercise with him to improve his athletic ability. I will do more things make parents happy and release their effort as much as I can." 她继续说道:“我会坚持每周至少做三次瑜伽,继续学习英语使出浑身解术去找一些小伙伴练习口语,每天和孩子亲子阅读30分钟并做些运动来锻炼他的运动能力,竭尽所能得让父母享受天伦之乐的生活。” Thank you Viola. And I really hope you pass this PMI test. Can you tell me what that is, maybe in the comment section? I'm really curious now. 非常感谢Viola, 我衷心地希望你能通过PMI考试,我现在非常好奇PMI到底是什么,你能在留言区告诉我吗?我真的挺好奇这是啥意思。 OK. So remember at the beginning of the free talk, I mentioned that at the end of the week, I will be doing some outdoor activities. Well, here's why. OK. On Saturday January 19th, It's my birthday. Now, you can tell that I said birthday very low, because I will be turning 29 years old, getting old, right? Almost 30. Anyways, since I was a kid, I loved snowboarding, loved snowboarding. Do you guys know what snowboarding is? It’s like skiing, but instead of skis, you use a board. I started snowboarding when I was 11 years old, and immediately fell in love with it. So here I am18 years later, right? Because on Saturday, I will turn 29. And at 29 years old, I still love snowboarding. You know, being married and being a father, you have to make a lot of sacrifices, in since my wife doesn't really ski or snowboard, and my son is not old enough to even know what the snowboard is. I had to sacrifice this activity. But to my surprise, my wife encouraged me to go with some friends and spend a weekend in a mountain to enjoy my birthday snowboarding. I am super excited! 好了,你们还记得在节目刚开始的时候我说过会在这周末进行户外运动吗? 现在揭晓答案啦, 在1月19日周六那天我就29岁了,你们会觉得说生日时声音很小(也有点小伤感)。毕竟年纪越来越大了对吧?快30岁了, 哎不提了,在孩提时代我就热爱滑雪板运动,你们知道这个吗?它类似于滑雪但不是滑雪,只需一块又长又宽的板就可以了。11岁的时候我第一次接触到滑雪板运动,并就此迷上了这项运动,18年后的今天我快29岁了依旧喜爱这项运动。你们知道的作为一名已婚男人和父亲必须要为家庭做出许多的牺牲,我妻子对滑雪板运动没什么兴趣。我儿子又太小根本不知道那是什么,我只能忍痛割爱。但我压根没想到,我妻子居然鼓励我这周末约上三五好友去山上滑雪来庆祝生日!我超级兴奋! 21'00''-end Joyce;神起蛛蛛 I'm super excited. This would make me feel young again, right? Anyways, I couldn't ask for a better birthday gift, but I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Now, the weather、ah the weather, yes, it might be minus 20 this weekend, but the fun, the excitement , the environment will all make me feel warm, that I'm sure of. So this week's topic for the PK community and I know it's a little selfish , but here it is. This week's topic is birthdays and if you don't mind, sharing your best birthday experience in the comment section. I'm really curious to read different people's birthday experience. I think it would be fun. So here it’s. When was your favorite birthday? Did anything special happen on this birthday? Why is it your favorite birthday? And maybe share the culture of birthdays in China. I heard something about each person has two birthdays。Is this true? why two birthdays? I'm super curious. Anyways, leave your answers in the comment section of the PK Wechat post。And I'll read them next week and add my comments to your answers. Sounds good? Oh I can feel I'm getting so old, almost 30. Can you believe this? Is my hair falling out?oh no, not yet. ok, good. You know a lot of foreigners when they get old, their hair starts to fall out. I'm getting old. Ok I don't want to think about the age anymore, let's stick to the topic . Birthdays, fun,friends,families,snowboarding。Anyways, have a great week everybody, thank you so much for all your support. And I'll talk with you on Monday. Byebye. 我真的是太兴奋了。这件事让我感觉自己又年轻了,不是吗?哈哈,不管怎么样,没有比这个更好的生日礼物了,我真的非常期待这个周末。现在,这个天气,是的,就是这种天气,大概这周已经接近零下20度了,但是乐趣、兴奋还有环境都将会带给我温暖,我保证会是这样。所以这周PK台的讨论话题,我知道我有一点小自私,但就是它了。这周的话题就是生日。如果你不介意,在评论区和大家分享你最棒的生日体验是什么?我真的很好奇,我想知道你们每个人的生日是怎么过的? 我想那一定很有趣。所以再说一遍,你印象中最深刻的一次生日是什么时候?在那天,发生了什么特别的事情吗?为什么你最喜欢那天的生日?也许你们可以谈一谈中国文化里的生日。我听说在中国每个人都有两个生日,是真的嘛?为什么有两个生日?我真的好好奇。不管怎么,你们可以在PK台微信公众号评论区留言。我下周一定会看,并且谈谈我的感受。听起来不错吧?欧,我真的觉得我变老了,快30岁了。你们相信嘛?我头发掉光了嘛?哦,还没,还没有,还好!你们知道吗?很多外国人,当他们年纪大了,头发会开始掉光。啊……我也开始变老了。好吧,我不想再想年老这件事,让我们回到主题,生日,乐趣,朋友,家人,滑雪。好了,祝大家周末愉快,谢谢你们的支持,我们周一再聊,再见。 字幕组有话说 2018/12/31 他们中的大多数参与了2018一整年的听力训练,也有第一次参与练手的新人,每周一在有限的时间内接受庞大的听译任务,每个人都知道了自己最大的潜力在哪里。听听看,他们都收获了什么。学习,从来与别人无关,只是自己和自己的赛跑。没有走得最远,只有更远。 p.s 第一拨新年祝福 Amalia Dear Jingjing and Nick, thank you so much for bringing us such wonderful classes and great listening materials. Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Lily王莉 Time flies! Just in a blink, 2019 is just around the corner. Wish you health and happiness. Merry Christmas to you all! 晓雙 第一次尝试听写,之前自己有悄悄听完节目后写,还是有很大的不同,多亏了一起合作的小伙伴星空,我俩相互检查,参与下还是很锻炼人的,以后得多参与,多磨磨耳朵,不逼自己一把,蜗牛的速度去进步太慢了,哈哈,感谢京晶和Nick,感谢我们的小组。 神起蛛蛛 参加这个组织最大的感受就是,在这里你需要精听,不能只限大意;你要练习精写,大小写以及标点符号不能忽悠;最重要的是,语文还要好,英文之美还要祖国语言来表达。一次,你会感叹己不如人,二次,你会发现自身不足,三次四次,功力见长,然后感慨,时间是挤出来的,单词是背出来的,本事是慢慢长出来的。勿踟蹰犹豫,怀疑自己,参与进来便得长劲! Isabelle Happy Monday! 认识英语PK台五年了,非常感谢这个平台,让我有机会跟着优秀的老师们(京晶,马克,Nick,Henry,Judy,韩刚老师,付老师还有佬布爷爷)学习到了很多英语知识,练习了听力,口语,听写,听译,认识了好多喜欢学习英语的小伙伴,遇到你们是我的幸运,2019年愿英语PK台越来越好,有更多的听众,愿老师们身体健康,工作顺利,愿小伙伴们一切都好,我们继续一起听写,一起听译,更上一层楼。 大薇薇 从组员,校对到组长,到backup都体验了一把;从开始数小时的挣扎奋战结果不尽如人意,到现在轻松愉快完美结束;从开始的0.5倍速放慢反复听到现在的1.5倍速轻松听......这半年来参加多少次听写不记得,重要的是看到了自己的差距和进步,多亏有小伙伴一路同行,多谢jingjing老师提供的平台,希望2019年pk台仍然做中国最好的英语节目! Ting 感谢老师开发的这个好项目!我到现在还记得第一次报名前的忐忑,不知道自己能不能胜任,会不会拖后腿。可是进来才发现,这个组织是非常包容的,大家一起学习共同进步。难以想象,如果没有踏出第一步,现在我也仅仅是bystander,根本不知道大家都干了什么,有这么多优秀并且努力上进的人,所以,PK粉们,来年一起踊跃报名啊! 菩若呢喃 参与了多次,每次都会有收获,不断地坚持和忍耐才会进步,感恩每一位的帮助!祝京晶老师和大家圣诞快乐! 第一章•雪来 每期的节目对于我一个上班族来说就像从回课堂一样,小伙伴们跟自己的同学一样,很亲切,谢谢你,英语PK!谢谢各位老师谢谢同学们!圣诞节快乐! Maggie  加入听写组四个月后,终于在2018年年底有了这个合适的时间尝试了听写/听译,看到了从小组搭档到大组各位参与者表现的认真仔细,配合默契,感恩我有机会在这样的氛围中体验人生。祝英语PK台的老师们和各位学友新年快乐! 周艳 参加听写,看到了小伙伴的优秀和自己的不足。细节真的很重要,标点符号和一些小的模棱两可的句子,以及中文的翻译与润色到最后的排版每一部分都不能忽视。做出来和做好是两回事,希望自己以后能做的更好,争取完成组员到组长再到校对的完美转变。也希望未来的pk台能越来越好,有更多的小伙伴加入大家庭。 星空 第二次参加听写,和晓双搭档很愉快,谢谢她的指正。在PK台我觉得收获的不仅是知识,更多的是认识了一群热爱英语的你们,很喜欢在群里倾听大家彼此分享交流,尽管听写分工每个人只有两分钟,但要完整听出来并写下来还是挺考验一个人的,不过感觉这种dictation很有意义,大学考专四时候,也有练过这种题型,所以感觉还好。我觉得只有不断输入才能更好的输出,英语学习的道路还有很长,自己需要进步的地方还有很多,很幸运在PK台和你们一起学习英语。 jessica First, I want to thanks for Jingjing to bring me into this translation group. Although I have participated in fewer translation Freetalk. I really saw the improvement of my own from the translation of word by word to the readable sentence in Chinese. And I believe the improvement will continue as long as I insist on doing it. And thanks for everyone who helps me to get those improvement. Thanks for your advise and patience. At last, wish you all Merry Christmas! e 1、首先感谢Nick和京晶老师,PK台无疑给了我一个锻炼听、写的途径;2、了解地道的表达 如:“without further ado”等;3、一直在突破,刚开始的听不懂,到现在能够比较快地反应过来。而且听的次数越多,效率也就越高,反而不花费更多的时间了。最后再次感谢PK台和所有的老师。 Olivia 虽然参加次数不是很多,但也能看到自己的进步。从第一次的战战兢兢需要几个小时还做的不是很好,慢慢到现在能摸索出方法来,即使不是很懂的地方也能猜到大概。同时也充分的认识到自己还需要加强的盲区。感恩京晶和Nick 老师的辛勤耕耘!祝大家新年快乐! 闯堂兔 第二次参加听写,这次趁周末果断报名。实在是太巧了,Nick老师说的电影Phantom Thread 我之前有在网上看过,刚好我听写的部分就是关于这部电影的,在听了老师介绍后,决定再去看一遍。这么好的地方,热烈欢迎小伙伴的加入,这里有良师,这里有益友,学英语就是要主动嘛。祝京晶和Nick老师,还有各位小伙伴们节日快乐! 王 其实,参加听写,听译次数不多,感觉到还是有困难的,材料本身还有时间上(主要是我各种操作上不熟练),也想说要不自己随便听听吧,但又觉得无法放弃,这个活动有特殊的吸引力。再有,看大家都那么厉害还这么努力,没有借口啊。这次周末时间充分,就又来学习了。谢谢京晶和所有老师,还有所有同学,祝大家节日快乐! 暗涌 这一学期来支教一直很忙,但是看到这次听写任务可以周六周天完成立马就报名参加了。距离上次参加字幕组已经有两三个月的时间,小伙伴们的进步都好大(✪▽✪)尤其感谢我的同伴及组长天平,分工特别明确清晰(^_^) 。这次幸运的赶上了2018年的最后一篇美文,希望2019年能和京晶老师,PK台的各个老师还有PK台的小伙伴们一起进步!加油呀o(≧v≦)o mila 感谢京晶老师组建了这个听写群,感谢Nick老师每周一准时出现的超有魅力的嗓音,感谢群里各位优秀的小伙伴们,感谢这次我的partner@Maggie,英文学习的路上遇到你们我一点都不孤单,总之真的很感谢大家。 Icey 谢谢京晶老师和尼克以及Judy 老师每周一的陪伴,毕业后就没有接触过英语了,加入pk台又让我重新对英语产生了兴趣,才发现原来学习也是一件很享受的事!Lucky for me to have all of you. 嘟嘟 周一,本是一周繁重工作的开始,本是一周疲劳忙碌的开始,本是一周收心投入的开始,而我们有了PK台,每个周一都不一样了,周一有Nick深情并茂的为我们朗读小故事,有下午直播间集美貌和才华于一身的金发美美Judy老师和京晶女神姐姐陪我们一起度过充实温情的一个小时,课后留言板有大家和帅 Nick 之间挥洒自如的互动,一切的一切让原本黑黑的无聊的沉闷的周一变得如此有趣… PK台真的可谓是全宇宙最棒的平台了,只要你愿意,听说读写译全面发展,加入小组学习,讨论,探索,在黑灯瞎火的学习路上点亮一盏一盏的灯… 学习之余,常听见这样理论,我学英语干嘛嘛,而且我进步小感觉也很应该,然后抱怨又没有一个环境让我开口,我学不好,怪我咯…… 不知道有多少参与PK台学习的大家想过这个问题没?!咱们周二学习单词,周三地道美语,周四口语发音双管齐下,这些其实都是在为咱们周一的Freetalk Show 打基础的,和Nick老师的互动,可以让我们学习到的东西,进行输出,查验一下自己的表达有没有掌握,自己表达是否顺畅?!这个其实是一个非常宝贵的机遇,这就是一个和歪果友人交流的好机会呀,所以大家一定要好好抓住这个机会。。 周一能在闲暇之余参与到听译学习中,是一件非常开心的事儿,不管是什么样的基础,哪怕零基础,参与进来,不会的和大神们讨论交流,每次的大神都超级多,每个大神能力都非常高,即使有些东西你不会表达,大神们也能准确的抓住你的心情,替你找到一个完美的词语替代,所以你还担心什么呢?!快来加入每周一的听说读写译…… 时不时参与周一的留言,听译,收获最大的事,自己很多时候写东西,不会去想,不会去用中文翻译英文,而且也逐步的不那么胆怯了,同时自己写过的东西,偶尔还会回头去看,那句话是否表达出了当时自己的心情,有没有歧义啥的??!!学习之旅,真心帮助贼大,期待更多小伙伴积极参与到听译和留言板块,谢谢京晶女神姐姐在这个平台竭尽所有为我们学习开辟了无限可能性,笔芯女神姐姐,笔大芯芯(* ̄3 ̄)╭♡❀ (*/ω\*)!! 小伙伴们,记得呆会儿去文章底部用英文给帅Nick留言咯!! 最后提前祝PK台所有老师们,女神姐姐,美Judy,帅Nick,付妈,Mark老师,傻哼萌萌,David老师,韩神老师,圣诞和元旦双蛋快乐,新的一年天天开心,身体倍儿棒,吃嘛嘛香 ฅ( ̳• ◡ • ̳)ฅ!!! 天平 算起来参加字幕工作也有十余次了,非常喜欢这种活动形式。Nick老师发音清晰,语速和话题难度都适中,无论是进行英文听写或中文翻译,都是很合适的材料。英文听写如果做到每个单词都准确无误,不仅需要听出关键词,还要听出那些被连音、吞音一带而过的连接小词,长期锻炼,精听能力会有明显提升。而中文翻译,也很考验中英文理解力和文字水平。虽然距离“信达雅”的翻译标准还有不小差距,但不断练习总会有切实的提高。字幕组的小组讨论形式,增加了练习过程中的互动和反馈,成员之间互相指正,共同提高,对自己更是一种激励。 借此机会由衷感谢英语PK台京晶、Nick老师一直以来的辛勤付出,希望我们能用英语能力的提高回报PK台,也回报自己的努力。最后祝京晶老师、祝英语PK台的每一位嘉宾老师、祝英语PK台的全体小伙伴们身体健康,节日快乐,新年新气象! 羡慕小伙伴的听力这么棒吗? 报名参与听写训练, 和小伙伴组队完成每周一听写挑战, 微博私信@京晶am774 拉入群 同时欢迎将自练片段发在留言区 记录自己的练习和进步。 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 感谢同学们的精彩互动和提问, 想与老外聊天?就在这里 PK台的开放交流平台 参与简单: 文末留言评论即可, 当然English 你感兴趣的文化交流问题, 都可以提问哦。 如果提问足够有趣, 就会被Nick老师语音回复。 互动交流区 CHAT WITH NICK 《与NICK聊天》 英文 短篇 译文:英语PK台 | Billy 单词释义:Helen 周一到五 和主播声音面对面 zuozh 2019 APP 或手机APP: 蜻蜓FM, 喜马拉雅听书,网易云音乐 新浪微博: 声明 由北京外语广播《英语PK台》栏目微信公众号发布的部分原创广播课堂同步教学素材(文本及音频)仅供英语学习者自学使用,

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